Our offer

Our core business is increasing the value of real estate through planning and construction measures. We achieve this goal for our own account or for our clients through our services in the following areas:

Project conception & management

Each development step has a simple purpose: to enhance the value of the property. The elaboration of the optimal concept is our core task as a developer.
Services in detail:

  • Identification assessment of hidden potential
  • Preparation of an economic concept
  • Project calculation and cash flow analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Procurement of capital

Project conception is one of our core competencies and is carried out by our internal project teams.

Creation of development plans

The creation of building rights is the greatest lever for increasing the value of the land.

Services in detail:

  • Feasibility studies
  • development studies
  • Definition of the approval process
  • Implementation of development plan procedures
  • Coordination with public bodies and public authorities
  • Conception of urban development contracts

The creation of building rights is one of our core competences and is carried out by our internal planning teams.

Approval planning (Genehmigungsplanung)

Obtaining a building permit creates certainty regarding the use of land. It reduces risks and thus further increases in the value of the project.

Services in detail:

  • Analysis of the building regulations
  • concept creation
  • Clarification of exceptions and exemptions
  • neighbourhood agreements
  • Preparation of applications
  • Coordination with public authorities

Approval planning is one of our core competencies and is carried out by our internal team of architects.


The investment phase is completed when the property is ready for occupancy.

Services in detail:

  • Invitation to tender for construction works
  • Awarding of construction contracts
  • Construction supervision
  • Project controlling
  • Acceptance

Construction services are provided according to requirements by our external partners.


The marketing of the completed project completes the value creation process.

Services in detail:

  • Target group analysis
  • Creation of a marketing a concept
  • Preparation of sales documents and expos√©s
  • Public offering
  • Transaction handling

The marketing of the property is outsourced to our external partners according to requirements.

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Remuneration and working approach

We have three models of service provision:

  • As project development on our own account
  • As a service on behalf of third parties
  • Mixed forms / Joint Ventures

In particular, we are open to performance-related compensation in the context of joint ventures. Our objective is to create value that is self-financing.

How do we calculate fees for performance-based remuneration?

We calculate performance-related fees according to this simple formula:

H = (v / d ) * (1 + p)

H = Performance-related fee
v = fee without risk
d = probability of default
p = risk premium

Why do we also offer services outside our core competencies?

Our own project developments regularly present us with challenges that cannot be solved by our own resources. Whether it’s the renovation of monuments or the removal of contaminated sites, we rely on the expertise of highly specialised service providers. Our success as project developers is not based on mastery of each individual sub-discipline, but on the effective integration of the best possible partners. On request, we also offer this competence to our customers, who thus receive all services from a single source.